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Hawaii Wedding elopement 

A Sense of Place

'Hawaii is unlike any other place in the world. These far-off, isolated islands possess unparalleled natural beauty, a rich thriving culture of its’ Hawaiian people and a spirit of enduring Aloha that permeates all who experience it. Authenticity is often searched for but not always found. The real Hawaii is a destination that harbors a uniqueness all its’ own and can only be truly experienced when one is ready to receive it. It is that sense of place that inspires love and connection.' — Kahu (Minister) Ka'alekahi 

The Process

Growing up on the island of Maui, Ajja has the knowledge, resources and cultural sensitivity to assist you in finding the perfect location for your elopement, whether it’s a white sand beach, a rugged lava rock coastline, an awe-inspiring waterfall or a lush jungle path in nature.  If you’ve already found your ideal location, Ajja will help you with piecing together the logistical details to bring your vision to life. So where to begin? Ajja will talk with you about what kind of feeling you would like to evoke during your vows and what elements in nature are important to you (water, foliage, lava rock, wind, sun). Together, you'll explore what intrigues you about Hawaii as a place and culture. Ajja will get a sense of your connection to your own home and nature and the kind of life you envision for your future as a couple. 

From there, Ajja and Hawaiian officiant, Kale will explore numerous location options that fit your wish list. Kale brings a deep cultural understanding about the land and the meaning behind the name of a place. This connection is important to us. Once a location is decided upon, Kale will design a personalized ceremony with you.  

A few of the sacred locations...

Kaukini, Kahakuloa

Kaukini, which translates to “Many Life Times," is found amongst the multitude of peaks and hills in far West Maui. It is also known as Mauna Kahalewai or “Holding House of Water."  A light trek through fragrant nature leads to beautifully green hills. With each step and sight and scent, the sense of place and time comes to be and Kaukini shares her memories with you. Seasons long past are revitalized anew, the Hawaii of old lingers, a feeling of “Many Life Times” all coalesce into the present moment, that is when you are tied to Kaukini.   Here is where memories are crafted, ones that will be conjured from the slightest smell, sound or vision, memories to last 'Many Life Times.'

Ke'anae, Ko’olau

 The story is told that the peninsula was not naturally formed, but brought into existence by the works of the people of old.  In ancient times the coastline of Ko’olau (Strong Leaf) was barren lava rock, not suitable for the subsistence of life, so it was a labour of LOVE from the people, that they would bring life-bearing soil from the valley to the coastline over the course of hundreds of years, to eventually provide land that would care for the future generations.  Where once was a barren and rocky site, is now lush, vibrant, full of life, and such an immensely beautiful place that it can “take your breathe away”.  This is Ke’anae (Hinderance of Breathe) so named because it invokes such awe and respect, that you must remind yourself to breathe.  There is a HIDDEN energy at work here, when you acknowledge this, you participate in the history of this place, that it can now become a part of your story.  


We look forward to exploring the sacred locations of Maui, Hawaii with you.
Please email us or call (808) 268-9719 to begin your elopement journey. 
Ajja and Kale