Elope Maui


"Hawaii is unlike any other place in the world.
These far-off, isolated Islands possess unparalleled natural beauty,
a rich thriving culture and a spirit of enduring Aloha
that permeates all who experience it. 
Authenticity is often searched for but not always found. 
The real Hawaii is a destination that harbors a uniqueness all its’ own and can only be truly experienced when one is ready to receive it. 
It is that sense of place that inspires love and connection."
-Kahu Ka'alekahi 
watercolor maui map.jpg

Choosing a location to elope is really part of the fun! 
I encourage couples to research some of the locations that i suggest
 to see what kind of setting they are drawn to.
Please Take a closer look at the images in my portfolio to get a sense of what environments strike your fancy.
Here are some thoughts to get you started. 

In most of the images on this site, you will see two regions of Maui featured: the Upper West side and the East side of the island. Most of my couples are driving 45 minutes to 2 hours to their locations. But if you want remote and off the beaten path you have got to get away from the popular spots!  

If you are interested in Hana I encourage you to stay overnight on the day of your elopement. There is an amazing hotel called Travaasa Hana that is private and luxurious. There are also really unique bed and breakfasts in the area too! The road to Hana is narrow and windy but very beautiful. Honestly, the drive is the best part of the Hana adventure. On your journey you will see waterfalls, banana bread stands and epic cliffside views. Hana offers endless amazing spots for eloping and would be just what you are looking for (think black sand beach, red sand beach, waterfalls, bamboo forests and cliffsides.) Hana is a two-hour car ride from Kahului airport. If Hana is your choice, I'd encourage you to spend a few nights in either Wailea on Maui's South side or Kaanapali on the West side to experience a different part of the island as well.  

If you are interested in West side of Maui, the blow hole is an amazing location to wed. Kapalua would be the easiest town to stay. If you are staying in Wailea on the South side, the waterfall featured on my site is just shy of an hours drive from this part of the island.

I am very accommodating and can nail down a location as near to your hotel or as far as you are comfortable with. I actually love finding just the right fit for my couples! In terms of weather, rain is always a possibility in some of these remote locations, but we either get a little rain and enjoy it or we relocate to the best spot that day! I think you have to be comfortable with a little flexibility on the day-of.