Elope Maui


Hana, Maui Elopement Photography

Elope Maui is a creative elopement + photography company located in Maui, Hawaii.

After nearly a decade of photographing destination weddings, founder Ajja noticed that a lot of her clients were looking for something different and truly original. They wanted an untraditional wedding experience that was intimate, nature-driven, understated and highly personalized. Her clients tend to be bohemian spirits who regard adventure and travel as tops. They pride themselves on forging their own path. 
Elope Maui offers couples everything from simple ceremonies of love in a gorgeously remote slice of Hawaii, to a full-day wedding adventure, curated to showcase their client's sensibility with effortless ease.  

Elope Maui's services range from destination scouting, logistical management, travel + concierge service, photography, floral offerings, and so much more. They believe your elopement should be a wonderful and stress-free day that connects you to off-the-beaten path locations for an unforgettable experience.  Expect a full service elopement experience from start to finish. 

Maui Elopement Planner 

Meet ajja Deshayne
photographer + event coordinator  

I grew up on Maui playing at the beach, doing gymnastics, taking endless dance classes and observing my parents as successful entrepreneurs. All of this is the foundation of who I am today. After traveling and experiencing this amazing world beyond the islands I returned to make roots and give back.

It's here I have learned about how much I enjoy being an artist. And while I adore photography, it was not my first love. Dance will always have my heart. Most of all I love dance for the challenge and the way it makes me feel alive and how I get to enjoy music in the most thrilling of ways. Choreography is my happy place and teaching at the studio I grew up at is a perfect fit for giving back and creating passion in others.

Beyond my love for dance and photography I love relaxing in the backyard with my family and exploring new places. I love making people laugh and surrounding myself with people who I can laugh with. I love the adventurous outdoors, especially finding new waterfalls. I love surfing—there is something about being in the sun with friends, and the challenge to ride the perfect wave with style. I love to discover the love and mysteries of God in my life. I adore quiet. I love artists and their passion.


Hawaii Elopement Officiant and Minister

Meet Kahu Ka'alekahi
officiant + cultural advisor 

I am of Native Hawaiian descent and my family is from Moloka'i, Hawai'i, but because I had travelled so much growing up I assimilated myself with the host culture of that particular place. So, as I grew older I had a strong desire to learn more about myself and what it means to be Hawaiian. When I came back to Hawai'i I immersed myself in the learning of my own culture. As time passed I began to progress in a few of the arts of my people such as hula (dance), mele (song), oli (chant), and various other na mea o Hawai'i. 

All of my life experience and my passions have set me on a path to share my culture with others and to become a person that is in balance with the world. As I progress forward in my journey I take with me the teachings of my people, remembering that we must look to the past so that we can face the future. I continue to learn and progress as a Native Hawaiian, and most importantly, as a human being of this Earth.